About Us

Celestial Garden was created with the intention of making rare plants and ethnobotanical products available as well as information about them around the planet. We believe that in the present moment it is more than ever necessary for humanity to have access to these valuable tools, since harmony and awareness are so important at this crucial moment in our history. Plants can promote increased awareness and help us hamonize ourselves. They are intelligences of nature, and deserve our respect and appreciation for the gifts they offer. Most of the available items come from their original countries, some of them we cultivate, collect or produce ourselves, and others we trade straight from the indigenous people of South America. Many of our trades are creating a sustainable way of earning money for indigenous people and communities in remote regions of latin america, especially in the amazonian rainforest. We have great respect for the indigenous cultures and their knowledge and traditions, and we practice fair-trade, sustainability and cultural exchange.Before placing an order, please be aware of the legal status in your country of the items you are buying. Some of the products we distribute may have legal restrictions in some countries. By placing an order, you are taking full responsibility for the legality of the products in your country. The information and links we share about the plants and products are for historical, scientific and educational purposes only, and we do not encourage the consumption of any of the products under any circumstances. You are completely responsible for any use you make of the information you provide, as well as the products you purchase.